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Hero Highlight: Keith Polk, Mississippi

Meet Keith Polk, Mississippi
Church Champion
Mentor Father

Keith, my dear brother in Christ, has been instrumental in the launching of Fathers in the Field. He answered the call to be a Champion for the fatherless in his church and, by participating in our 'pilot' year, he gave us crucial feedback with the curriculum and other ministry materials. Keith's love of the outdoors is only outmatched by his love of his family and of his Savior. What an encouragement and inspiration he has been to the ministry, his church, his Field Buddy and to other Mentor Fathers around the country. I asked Keith a few questions.

1. Share your heart for the Fatherless
I have assisted a buddy in teaching the 6thgrade boys Sunday school class for a couple years now. My eyes were open to the need of this ministry after having two fatherless boys in my class in one year. After a little investigating, I found that there were 4 other fatherless boys of various ages within our church body. At the time, this group of boys was going unseen and a much needed ministry opportunity was going unanswered. Since then, Jesus has been opening my eyes to the needs of the fatherless in our church and in our community. My prayer is that He gives me, as well as many other believers, the "spiritual ears" to hear the cries of the fatherless for a Christ-like man to step up and pour into their lives.

2. Why are you Mentoring?
The simple answer to that is because Christ called me to. Christ has been teaching me that my Christian "walk" is to be highly relational (both with Him and with others). In my view, this is contrary to everything the world is about. Everybody is super busy and nobody has time for anybody any more. I end up with more time for others when I stop focusing so much on my self...by the way, this falls into the easier said than done category!

3. Why should other Godly outdoorsmen step-up and mentor fatherless boys?
There are more reasons to do this than I have space to list but the main reason is because the need is great! Hopefully, your church is unlike mine was a couple years ago and you have a focused ministry for the fatherless...but I doubt it. Even if your church is small and you do not have any fatherless boys in your church, I guarantee there are some in your community. The need is great!

4. Who shared God's Great Outdoors with you?
My dad first introduced me to the outdoors by taking me on a dove hunt. I wasn't old enough to shoot at the time, so I ran and "fetched" the birds he shot. I can remember gathering with all the "big people" after the hunt to see how many everyone killed compared to how many shells they shot...that was some pretty funny conversation!

5. Favorite outdoor activity:
Without a doubt, bow hunting...anything!

6. Family:
Danielle Polk - Wife; Caleb Polk - Son (3 yr old); Collin Polk - Son (will be here in November)

7. Church:
Crossgates Baptist Church - Brandon, MS

8. At what age were you saved?
12 years old

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