Fathers in the Field

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Please watch a brief 1-year progress update of the Great American Rescue Mission.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and faithful support in our efforts to raise additional Regional Missionaries to the battlefield of the fatherless in our communities, states, and nation.

4 new, full-time Missionaries added since our meeting in Colorado.

We could not advance this Biblical Mandate without your promise to help in this critical issue facing our country. We cannot say ‘THANK YOU’ enough.

May the Lord continue to lead the way! Charge!

In Every State, In Every Church™

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A Broken Boy, A Broken Family, A Broken Nation

America’s ability to be the shining city on the hill teeters tragically on a tipping point and is further compromised every day. Our resolve to be a global example of Christ’s love is being tested. What we do next will determine the very identity of our beloved nation and its people.

The days of the mission field only being somewhere off in a distant land – are over.

Let us rise to the challenge and face the problems and brokenness in our own communities, and in our own country.


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Fathers in the Field - Great American Rescue Mission