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Defending the Cause: We Need to Talk…

Father’s Day continues to be the holiday most people would like to fast forward through.

That’s a bold statement but it’s true.

Think of it this way: Two out of every four boys will grow up without their biological father in the home. Of the ones whose father is present many will experience abuse by their father. So, if the man who is designed by God to protect and lead you does the opposite what reason would you have to celebrate him?

Next month we will “celebrate” Father’s Day one more time. It is my desire to transform this day and I need your help to do it.

We need to begin by making sure we are educated. Father’s Day was started 108 years ago to highlight the great contribution men make to the family unit. As our country denigrates both marriage and men we see this focus diminishing daily. In contrast the Bible tells us that our Heavenly Father is “a Father of the fatherless” and calls His people to be the same. So no matter what our country says about men or fathers we need to encourage them to do what God says is their role. Men are the pastor, provider and protector of the home and their absence is felt by both the family and society.

So let’s transform Father’s Day into a day where we encourage men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes.

Then let’s go one step further. We need to make it a day where we encourage Christian men to step significantly into the lives of fatherless boys to lead them to a deeper understanding of the love of their Heavenly Father.

Go to your Pastor, Elders, and Church Leaders and plead the cause of the fatherless.

Help them understand that fatherlessness is an epidemic with 27+ million fatherless children in our country. Talk about the 90% of fatherless boys who will be incarcerated; about the 63% that will commit suicide; or explain that 75% of the school shootings since Columbine were done by fatherless boys. Help them see the death and destruction wrought by father abandonment in our country and how they can help.

How they can help:

  • Use the tools and training provided by Fathers in the Field. We will provide them with everything they need to equip the men in their church to matter greatly in the lives of fatherless boys.
  • Preach about fatherlessness from the pulpit. Both informing their congregation about the need and demonstrating how God is the champion of the fatherless and so are His people.
  • Show our Hero to the Fatherless video. Each year we highlight a Christian man who has stepped mightily into the life of a fatherless boy to help him see the love of his Heavenly Father.

View last year’s video

Downloads of this year’s video are free for Churches.

Let’s use Father’s Day 2018 as the jumping off point to changing the lives of the fatherless boys in our city, state and country. Let us stand together and declare that God’s Church is alive and that His people are the Champions of the fatherless.

Contact me today and let’s get going!

Lord Bless,

John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
P: 1-844-472-4241  e:info@fathersinthefield.com