Monthly Commitment Summary

In summary there is a minimum of 4 contacts between Mentor Father and Field Buddy per month.

HELPFUL HINTS As the relationship develops between the Mentor Father and Field Buddy, the number of contact per month may increase. The four are the minimum the Mentor Father commits to. Other get-togethers (ie.lunch, movies, ballgames) can become more frequent and spontaneous as the relationship grows and strengthens.


Monthly Journey Talk

20 – 30 minutes using the monthly Life Journey Curriculum
45 minutes – 1 hour planning and preparing for the Annual Celebration Event.

Attend Sunday School and Church

At least 2 times per month with your Field Buddy; more is great, but do not build in failure by requiring more. Important: It is your responsibility to pick up your Field Buddy if the mother does not attend.

Community Service Project

The project should be secured by the church (deacons) and completed by you and your Field Buddy each month.

HELPFUL HINTS At first, depending on the involvement of the congregation, projects may be a challenge to find for the deacons. As a Mentor Father, please encourage the Church Champion to put a request for projects in the weekly church bulletin. This is an important component in the program, but requires the church to search out these projects in order for the Mentor Father and Field Buddy to have adequate time to plan for the project. Please do not skip this monthly commitment. The soul of the Field Buddy needs this valuable insight into the needs of others.