Community Service

Community service is an integral part of Fathers in the Field ministry.

In community service, the boys develop a serving attitude towards their mothers, the church and the community. They gain great value in having their eyes opened to the needs of others when so often they are only focused on their own needs and disappointments. These community services benefit the boys by gaining a sense of accomplishment, helpfulness and value to the community.

They are also able to “give back” to the program by helping people in need. It is envisioned that the deacons of the local church seek out and oversee these community service projects. This can build a great bridge for the local church to the community and open up opportunities for the witness of Christ’s love both in Word and deed.

HELPFUL HINTS It is important to emphasize that the community service project is to be a personal contact with an individual in need, such as a widow in the church or community. This project is not to become a civic service project like cleaning up parks or roads or other impersonal group projects. This is another great opportunity for one-on-time with the Field Buddy. Also, there may be times when a couple of teams of Mentor Fathers and Field Buddies join together on larger projects that may be too big for just one team.