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Father’s Day Bulletins

Church Bulletins


Name - Duration (mm:ss)HDHigh Definition    

HDCountdown Video - 05:00Watch Download (587.4MB)


Name - Duration (mm:ss)HDHigh Definition    

HDA Voice for the Fatherless - 13:43Watch Download (216.6 MB)

HDOne Church's Journey - 05:01Watch Download (36.8 MB)

HDKingdom Pursuit - 01:08Watch Download (69.8 MB)

HDHealing Faith - 04:55Watch Download (295.4 MB)

SDDad, I'm Watching You - 02:40Watch Download (35.8 MB)

HDLike Father, Like Son - 00:30Watch Download (651.2 MB)

HDSomeone Took the Time - 04:12Watch Download (68.1 MB)

HDSingle Mom's Journey - 04:18Watch Download (81.2 MB)

HDHope Restored - 02:33Watch Download (100.8MB)

HDHero of the Fatherless (Keith) - 05:59Watch Download (209.8MB)

HDHero of the Fatherless (David) - 04:40Watch Download (163.9MB)

HDHero of the Fatherless (Jason) - 04:48Watch Download (168MB)

HDField Buddy Thank You - 01:44Watch Download (1.55GB)

HDMission Home Front - 01:59Watch Download (62.2 MB)

HDWhat Do You Have to Offer - 02:00Watch Download (241.5 MB)

HDLocal Mission Field - 00:33Watch Download (33.4 MB)

HDThree Goals - 00:31Watch Download (29.8 MB)




Harvest Report Standalone Flipbook

The following links will allow you to download either a Mac or Windows version of the Harvest Report flipbook. Click a link to begin the download. You can save this to your local hard drive, copy it to a CD or a portable USB drive and then view the Harvest Report without having to have an internet connection.


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  • Dobson, James, Bringing Up Boys (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.: Wheaton, IL), 2001
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  • Molitor, Brian D., Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey. (Emerald Books: Lynwood,WA), 2004
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