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Defending the Cause: Defending the Fatherless Day aka Father’s Day

Pastor David Lindner 6:8 Church, Vancouver WA. With all 4 Mentor Fathers and Field Buddies in front of the church, reminding the congregation of why they do Fathers in the Field.
Pastor David Lindner 6:8 Church, Vancouver WA. With all 4 Mentor Fathers and Field Buddies in front of the church, reminding the congregation of why they do Fathers in the Field.

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.– Micah 6:8 NIV

On Father’s Day let’s challenge our men to something greater. Challenge them to not just be better fathers and grandfathers but better defenders of the fatherless. ~ Pastor Lindner

Let’s get real this Father’s Day.   50% of our children are fatherless in our country.   So Father’s Day is not very special for so many.   So why is the Church glossing over the #1 Societal Issue facing America? – your community?

Where are the godly men?  Where is the Church?

“For us it’s very simple” said Pastor David. “We want to be a church that does justice. It is an explicit command in the Scripture that the church needs to care intentionally for the fatherless and the widow. Isaiah 1:17learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause’ is just one of many passages. Fathers in the Field provides all of the tools a church needs to intentionally care for fatherless boys, to help them hear the Gospel and learn to forgive their father’s for abandoning them.”

6:8 church is small, about 70-80 people on a regular Sunday morning, but they have an amazing 4 active Mentor Fathers. David attributes this in part to the way Fathers in the Field is designed around a man’s individual passion for the outdoors. “Several of our men enjoy fishing, while others skiing, dirt bikes or other outdoor events. This ministry allows our men to use their skills and passions to invest in the life of a boy and Fathers in the Field provides them with Journey Guides to equip the men to help these boys heal.”

When asked about using Father’s Day to talk about equipping men to defend the fatherless, David remarked, “I understand the tension pastors feel on Father’s Day. On the one hand you want to encourage the fathers in attendance and hopefully have these men come back. On the other hand you desperately want to challenge and push them to be better leaders of their families and be more engaged in the faith.”

“Father’s day is the lowest attended Sunday in part because Pastors are more concerned with church being fun than challenging. Father’s Day is hard for fatherless boys who don’t see a need to celebrate a man who abandoned them. When a boy has a Mentor Father, Father’s Day becomes a day to celebrate that man’s involvement in their life.”

Fatherless-Day-02Men want to be challenged, to be asked to step up and achieve great things. Being a Mentor Father is a challenge that results in amazing things being accomplished for our Heavenly Father. Churches and their men are able to utilize the tools provided by Fathers in the Field to help fatherless boys hear the Gospel, begin the journey to forgiving their earthly fathers for abandoning them, learn how to be a Godly man, and so many more things.

Caring for the fatherless is not an ‘If you feel like doing it’ request; it is a command of God on the life of believers.  If our tiny church can do it, then your church can too. There is no excuse, pastors simply need to be willing to lay down their agenda’s and accept the help God provides to them through Fathers in the Field.”

Each year for Father’s Day Fathers in the Field releases a video showing a man who has stepped up to matter greatly in the life of a fatherless boy. Join us in using this videos to expose the epidemic of fatherlessness and to declare that enough is enough!

Contact us today to receive this year’s video and together we can challenge men to help make Father’s Day meaningful to a fatherless boy.


Fathers in the Field Video - Hero of the Fatherless - David