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Defending the Cause: God has called all of us to get out of the pew

I wanted to take a minute to share a video story of a Hero to the Fatherless, Mentor Father Jeff Revis of Shades Mountain Baptist in Birmingham, AL.


“It has long been my conviction that being a Christian means living it out in every aspect of life. Fathers in the Field has deepened this conviction because I know my Field Buddy Brandon is watching how I live. It breaks my heart seeing men just sitting in the pew and thinking that’s all that is required of them; God has called us to action. Look at all the examples in Scripture. Imagine Abraham or Moses hearing God’s call and then not faithfully following that call. God has called all His people to care for the fatherless, that means we need to get out of the pew and imitate Christ in caring for these boys.

Photo of Mentor Father Jeff and Field Buddy Brandon

For me Fathers in the Field is summed up in two simple points.

1. God is the God of Action, and he commands us in Scripture to care for the fatherless.

2. Stepping up as a Mentor Father will change a boy’s life who doesn’t have a father there to teach them to be a man and to love God.

This ministry has a great impact on everyone involved. Recently my Field Buddy Brandon told me that he intends on being a Mentor Father when he grows up. What other ministry has this kind of impact on the life of a fatherless boy? This has so impacted him, that he can’t wait to turn around and give that same gift to another boy whose father has abandoned him!” – Jeff Revis

Will you step out of the pew and into the life of a fatherless boy?

Standing in the Gap,
John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
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