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Defending the Cause: God’s Provisions, A Single Grandmother’s Story

Single Grandmother Sherry and Field Buddy Addyson.

“Sometimes you don’t know what you need until God provides it.”

Sherry was told by her friend Lisa about Fathers in the Field, a ministry that pairs fatherless boys with Godly Christian men to be mentored one on one, and she was leery. She was uncomfortable with the idea of bringing a stranger into the life of her then eleven year old grandson Addyson. Would this man just pop into Addyson’s life sporadically, be here today and gone tomorrow? What affect would this man have on his life? On their family? What strange ideas would be introduced? There were just too many things that could go wrong and Addyson’s wellbeing needed to come first. So, initially, she declined.

As time went on the gaps in Addyson’s life kept growing. At eleven he still couldn’t ride a bike, had little experience with the outdoor life boys thrive in, and the list was growing. Who would talk with Addyson about the changes between boyhood and manhood? With no uncles, his father deemed unfit for even visitation rights and no men he connected with the gap seemed unbridgeable. So when the offer came again from Lisa to meet with Russ Manning, the Church Champion at 6:8 Church, to learn more about Fathers in the Field she took it. Sitting down with Russ and Mentor Father Rob Goff Sherry asked every question she could and shared all of her concerns.

Here is what Sherry learned about Fathers in the Field.

  • The Mentor Father commits to 3 years. Each year starting with a Commitment Signing Ceremony and ending with a Year-end Celebration Event… a Rite of Passage Journey.
  • Each month the Mentor Father picks up his Field Buddy (the fatherless boy) for church 2 times; they serve widows 1 time; 1 time in the great outdoors doing something fun and working towards their Year-end Celebration Event.
  • Both the Mentor Father and Field Buddy commit to going through their Journey Guide each month. This Guide is designed to help a fatherless boy to come to know the love of His Heavenly Father while addressing the fatherless wound deep inside them.
  • As a ministry, Fathers in the Field is committed to equipping churches and their men to matter greatly in the lives of fatherless boys through commitment and intentionality. This care extends to the boy’s family through the local church body who commit to caring for the single mother/grandmother and any other children in the family.
Fathers in the Field - Rob Goff and Addyson
Mentor Father Rob Goff and Addyson learning to ride his bike in May 2015.

Sherry’s leeriness changed to excitement over the opportunity for Addyson to be involved in a ministry that would commit in such an amazing way to his wellbeing. Over the last year and half Sherry has seen amazing changes in Addyson. He has learned to ride his bike, to fish and experienced dozens of amazing outdoor activities. Yet it is the serving of others, the deepening of his faith and the confidence that she truly cherishes.

“I see him growing in his ability to express differing ideas and views; he has a better balanced view of the world. Addy is willing to try new things, foods, and experiences. The ministry reinforces truth and values for him. Every month he is getting outside, helping others and becoming more confident. Rob is a great role model and I am no longer worried about how Addy will enter manhood.”

rob-addyson2Her message to single mothers/grandmothers would be:Sign your son/grandson up. Don’t hesitate. It was one of the best choices I have made, one of the healthiest choices. We all know that these boys need a godly man in their life and Fathers in the Field is an amazing blessing.”

Single moms/grandmothers: Contact us today to begin the first step in helping your son/grandson.

Men: These boys need you! They need you to commit to helping them, to leading them. Love these boys enough to help them know the love of their Heavenly Father and to forgive their earthly father. Contact us today and begin the greatest journey of your life.

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