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Defending the Cause: Hiding in Plain Sight

Sadly, single mothers/grandmothers and fatherless boys are present everywhere in our society, it truly is the #1 epidemic in our country yet so many churches seem to struggle in finding them.

In a way, they are hiding in plain sight.

Kevin Drewry, the FitF Southeast Regional Missionary, found Connor purely by going out of his way to be kind to another human being and that kindness has led to a changed life.

I was at the gym, and I saw a woman with a young boy. After introductions she told me about her older grandson whose father has refused to be involved in his life. I explained that Fathers in the Field helps boys like her grandson by placing a Christian Mentor Father in his life to lead him. That was more than a year ago, but this story gets more amazing by the month.” – Kevin

Photo of Mentor Father Larry "Coach" Wright and Field Buddy Connor
Mentor Father Larry Larry “Coach” Wright and Field Buddy Connor

Barbara is a single grandmother taking care of two boys in Columbus Mississippi.

She was skeptical about Fathers in the Field in the beginning, wondering if this would make the life of her grandson better or worse. Those fears were quickly extinguished when she saw the changes in her grandson Connor.

Connor’s been living with me his whole life. He’s on the autism spectrum but has always been a very bright and respectable young man, with a desire to help others.

Despite this I was aware that there is something missing in a boy when there is not man present in his life.

This was proven true when Mentor Father Larry “Coach” Wright began to honor his commitment to Field Buddy Connor. Barbara watched the anger in Connor turn into an indescribable joy.

There is this calmness and happiness that has come to dominate Connor’s entire life. He can’t wait to spend time with Coach, especially if they are going to church. It’s not just Coach making an impact either, it’s the community of people at East End Baptist Church. They made Connor feel welcome from day one and treat him as if he were a member of their family. That goes for me too. In February of 2022 I had a house fire, and the church was there to help us throughout the rebuilding process.

They love on us like we belong to them, it’s the most amazing feeling.

Photo of East End Baptist Church in Columbus MS
East End Baptist Church in Columbus MS gathers to celebrate the year 2 commitment of FB Connor and MF Coach Wright

I asked Barbara how she would describe Fathers in the Field to another woman raising a fatherless boy, her response sums up our ministry perfectly.

I would tell her it’s the best thing for her boy.

The Mentor Father and the fatherless boy build this bond that the boy desperately needs. A male bond that helps them to develop into the man God designed them to be. I can’t recommend this ministry enough; it is the biggest blessing. Then I would tell her to ask Connor directly because his firsthand experience is the best testimony of the impact of this ministry.

I want to challenge you today.

This week, help connect a fatherless boy and his family to a church that uses Fathers in the Field.

If your church isn’t utilizing our ministry, then your task also includes helping them to start.

Together we can help heal the broken hearts of fatherless boys.

Standing in the Gap,
John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
P: 1-844-472-4241  e: info@fathersinthefield.com