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Defending the Cause: How Intentional Commitments Change Lives

FitF-Committment-1This is not an actual letter, but reflective of the many letters received from Field Buddies each Year. The pictures are of actual Mentor Fathers and Field Buddies from around the country.

Mr. Chuck,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for what you did for me this weekend. You probably think it was not that big of a deal but for me it was amazing. You honored your promises for an entire year. Don’t get me wrong, the End of the Year Celebration trip was amazing, but the fact you honored your promise a year later is what amazed me.

Please understand, I heard promises from my dad and a step-dad who is no longer my step-dad, but last year you signed a commitment to me. I think of it as a contract between you and me, kind of like when my mom bought her car and she and the bank signed forms to agree who will do what. You have honored that commitment, that contract, and I am still amazed that you did.

When I was little my dad would always promise to pick me up on Saturday. He would tell me all the fun things we were going to do, but most of the time he would never show up. He would call a few days later and apologize for being busy and reiterate his promise, with the same results. At first I thought it was because something was wrong with me, that maybe he was embarrassed to be seen with me. I tried to fix myself by learning to play football because I knew how much football means to my dad. I worked hard at being the best, to insure I would get lots of playing time so even if my dad was late he would get to see me play. He would see how great I was and want to start spending time with me, I just knew it. He never came to a single game. After the first missed game I cried because he didn’t come to watch me. By the last game of the year I was so angry I wanted to call him and demand he tell me why he couldn’t even be bothered to come and watch for 5 minutes.

FitF-Committment-2So last year when my mom told me about Fathers in the Field and that we were going to some church where I would meet a man who would mentor me I was apprehensive. Other men had said they would teach me to hunt or hike or whatever, but then they would take me once or cancel before we were supposed to go. I truly doubted you would be any different after all even my own dad doesn’t like me enough to spend time with me. It was when you were reading the specific commitments out loud and initialing next to them that I realized this would be different. You weren’t just making general promises, but specific commitments to me. It was when you got to the end, looked me in the eyes, promised a Year End Celebration trip and signed the form that my greatest doubts set in.

I was thinking, “Yeah right. You’re a stranger promising an special event in a year?! Been here before….the land of broken promises.” But there sat that signed commitment, that contract. As I read my commitment form, marking my initials next to each commitment, I realized that this was a relationship in which we would hold each other accountable and my thoughts changed. “Maybe; just maybe he’ll do it. What does he see in me? Obviously no one told him that I am not worth the effort, the time…but maybe he sees something different.” So I signed my copy.

As I write this I am looking at the photo album you gave me this weekend, looking at the picture of us standing together holding our commitments. Thank you. I am still not sure what you saw in me that day, but I know you saw something. That commitment form lead to a year of time together, month after month. I always knew when you were coming and never worried that you would not show up.

FitF-Committment-3Well, it’s time to go and meet you at the church and sign out commitment for Year 2. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this year, but I know for sure it will be amazing.


Each year Mentor Fathers read aloud and sign an intentional commitment to a fatherless boy. This commitment is to lead and guide them intentionally, recognizing the broken commitments that further damage a fatherless boy. Fathers in the Field is different, we help equip churches and their men to heal the broken heart of a fatherless boy.

Will you step up and make a commitment to a boy like Jacob?

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