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Defending the Cause: Identifying a Hero

Our culture is obsessed with Super Heros. Men and women with extraordinary powers who save humanity from a variety of evils, exemplifying the best of what it means to be human.

Yet these fictional characters miss the mark of the true heroes that walk among us every day. Men like Pastor Frankie Smith of Living for the Brand Cowboy Church in Athens TX who has stepped into the life of his Field Buddy Trustin.

Trustin is only 7 years old but has suffered the loss of both his parents (his mother passed away and his father can’t care for him due to health issues) and is being raised by his Grandparents. His grandfather has cancer and Trustin needed a man who would step boldly into his life and be the model of Christlike manhood for him. His world needed a hero.

Pastor Frankie has always had a heart to help young men take their ambition and channel it towards service to Christ. Propelled by this passion he threw himself into every opportunity to serve Christ in this way. When Texas Regional Missionary Justin Carpenter offered him the opportunity to mentor fatherless boys and care for widows he jumped at the chance.

“Here was a threefold ministry to care for fatherless boys, single moms, and widows. To give these young men purpose in life and teach them to honor Christ in their actions. To serve our community as a church! Fathers in the Field helps us be the hands and feet of Christ to those around us.”

Pastor Frankie didn’t stop at helping implement the ministry in his church, he set the example for his men by becoming a Mentor Father himself.

One of the steps of pairing Mentor Fathers with Field Buddies is a “Meet and Greet” event where everyone gets to meet and discuss the commitment they will be making. This commitment is four times a month: 2 times to church, 1 service to widows and 1 fun event where they will begin to work through healing the abandonment wound of the Field Buddy. At the meet and greet, where everyone meets for the first time, Justin asked Trustin “Who’s your superhero. Iron man, superman, batman? Who is it?”

Trustin pointed at Pastor Frankie. Even though at the time he didn’t know Frankie from Adam, he recognized him as a hero.

“Trustin has latched on to me. He’s not a talker but we have really bonded and he’s starting to open up and talk more. He is learning to build a positive character that reflects Christ. The tragedy of his life has caused him to be shy, but he’s hungry for family and fun and Christ. God is working in his life.” – Pastor Frankie

Pastor Frankie is a busy man. He is Pastoring full time, caring for his family and for his community. Despite this he has chosen to obey the Word of God and be a hero to the fatherless.

Our society wants us to believe being a hero is a gift bestowed on a select few but it’s not. Being a hero is a choice and Pastor Frankie is living proof of this fact.

Fathers in the Field is mobilizing heroes,
we look forward to battling alongside you!

Standing in the Gap,
John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
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