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Defending the Cause: Modeling Commitment

Without question, America and her ideals are uniquely exceptional. Our beloved country is one of a kind and we give all glory to God Almighty. Part of our exceptionalness is the opportunities afforded to each American.

These opportunities are achieved through commitment and hard work, traits designed by God to be taught in the home. When a father abandons his children he models the wrong message. Instead of “hard work and commitment bring rewards” his children learn “when life gets difficult quitting is a perfectly acceptable option.

This destructive message is why 500,000 fatherless boys drop out of school every year. While a High School diploma is not a guarantee of success in life the commitment and hard work required to finish will stay with a boy for the rest of his life.

That’s why I want to take a minute to celebrate the great achievement of Field Buddy Isaiah.

Isaiah’s father never took the time to model commitment to his son; so Isaiah struggled with the concept of commitment. In 2014 David Dees stepped into Isaiah’s life as his Mentor Father at Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus Mississippi.

David tells me, “When we first started our intentional mentoring through Fathers in the Field Isaiah had to grow into keeping commitments. It was a foreign concept. I honored my commitments to him and helped him understand the importance of honoring his commitments to me. It took time but I watched this young man grow into a man who honors his word.

A few years ago he was struggling to finish High School and he expressed a desire to quit. We had a really good discussion of honoring the commitment he made to finish High School. It must have worked because he just graduated. You want to know the best part of watching him graduate?  Understanding how much honoring that commitment meant to him personally. He knows he has become a man who honors his commitments.

Photo of David, Isaiah, family and friends

I asked David what Isaiah’s plans are now that he’s finished High School. “He is enrolled in the auto mechanics track at the community college. His dream has always been to finish High School, serve in the Army as a mechanic and open a mechanic shop.

He wants to own his own local shop and give back to the community. Isaiah desires to invest in the lives of other people and give back what was given to him; no matter how hard the work might be. As a family and a church we are incredibly proud of him.

We are too! Over the past 6 years we have had the pleasure of watching Isaiah grow into the man God created him to be. I encourage you to watch David and Isaiah’s video.

Watch Now

While we celebrate Isaiah’s amazing accomplishment, let’s not forget the other 13+ million fatherless boys in our Country. To reach them with the Gospel and help heal their broken hearts it will take all of us.

Will you help instill the value of commitment into the life of a fatherless boy near you?

I look forward to talking with you.

Standing in the Gap,

John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
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