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Defending the Cause: Our First National Training Summit

In February 2022, we held our first National Training Summit for Pastors, Church Champions and Mentor Fathers.

More than 100 people from across the country gathered to be better equipped to minister to the fatherless boys in their communities.

Fathers in the Field was able to offer this event free to those in attendance because of the generosity of people like you and wonderful organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. This time together deeply impacted those present and their respective congregations as the attendees vowed to go back to their churches and spur them on to greater service to the fatherless.

Here are just two accounts from attendees and the impact this event had on them.

Defending the Cause of the Fatherless

Jody Hakala – Lead Church Champion at Discovery Church Colorado

“I started out over two years ago as a Mentor Father. Sadly, this mentoring relationship ended due to choices made by my Field Buddy’s mother. So, when I became the Lead Church Champion I was struggling if I was the right man to lead this ministry. I kept asking if I was doing enough or if it would be better for the ministry if I stepped down.

While I was contemplating this, God used our Regional Field Missionary, Mike McNeill, to intervein. Mike took the time to personally invited me to the training event, because he knew it would help me.

Fathers in the Field provided everything for this training at no cost to those in attendance. I came to the event on the verge of leaving the ministry to be run by others I deemed more capable and left with a renewed passion and excitement for this ministry.

At the end of the training summit, I felt better equipped to lead others and knew exactly how God wanted our church to better impact the lives of fatherless boys in our community.

The biggest take away for me was that I need to actively find these boys in our community and work hard to get them paired up with a Mentor Father from our Church. I can no longer sit back and hope it happens I need to be focused on that goal.”

Kerry Birdwell – West Lake Baptist Church

“I am one of six Mentor Father’s and the Lead Church Champion at West Lake Baptist. Over the year we have been doing this ministry it has become apparent that fatherless boys struggle with all aspects of life when there is no man to guide them.

This was even pointed out by the single mother that spoke at the event and shared the impact the ministry is having on her son. We had heard this second hand, but hearing it firsthand really made the strongest impact.

This single mother poured out her heart and explained to us the life changing impact that Fathers in the Field had on her son and the whole family.

Coming home our group felt like we are on the right track but that we can do better when it comes to the details. Everything we are given to do has a purpose. We need to trust the process given to us and so we are tightening our attention to detail by not skipping steps.

These boys need us to pay attention to all the details because its not just about their lives here, but their eternal destiny. As an educator for 33 years, I witnessed daily the struggle of fatherless boys. Seeing the damage done by no father being present. This ministry is such a phenomenal thing that fills that gap.”

Across the board all the attendees agreed that this training event helped to encourage them and give them better ways to Mentor fatherless boys in their communities. They were able to hear firsthand accounts from Mentor Fathers, boys being mentored and the boy’s mothers about the impact this type of mentoring has.

Your service to these precious fatherless children is needed now more than ever! I look forward to hearing from you so we can help you get started impacting the lives of fatherless boys in your community.

Please join me in helping churches across our country to begin redeeming the lives of these precious fatherless boys and their families.

Standing in the Gap,
John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
P: 1-844-472-4241  e: info@fathersinthefield.com