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Defending the Cause: Our Time Belongs to God

Mentor Father Scott Davis and Field Buddy Tanner at First Baptist Church of Columbia, MS
Mentor Father Scott Davis and Field Buddy Tanner at First Baptist Church of Columbia, MS.

“And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’” Matthew 10:7 (NASB)

“Every minute of my time actually belongs to my Heavenly Father. Understanding this simple truth has allowed me to experience the greatest joy of my life.”

American life is busy. Too often we spend all of our work and family time looking forward to those few hours we can claim for ourselves, deeming it “personal time.” We spend personal time doing hobbies, watching sports, hunting, etc. We guard our personal time like a lion guards its dinner. Nothing is allowed in our personal time, it belongs to us and us alone.

In contrast the Christian life is about learning to give up selfish ambition and imitating the life of Jesus. That means serving others as Christ did. We read about Jesus taking personal time to pray to refresh and prepare to continue serving others. He got up early or stayed up late to pray. We don’t see Him telling others he will heal them later because they’re eating into his personal time. Jesus’ life demonstrates the value of allowing God to use every aspect of our life that those who are in desperate need of the Gospel will come to know their Heavenly Father.

Scott Davis knows the truth of this first hand. Scott is the Executive VP/COO/CFO of 1st Southern Bank, a father of two girls, an active member of his church and an avid outdoorsman. In short he is a very, very busy man. Yet in January of this year Scott chose to no longer allow his busy life to dictate his schedule by becoming a Mentor Father. He chose to intentionally mentor a fatherless boy in his community and has seen the life changes in his Field Buddy Tanner.

“Tanner lives with his grandmother and had no male figure in his life. He had no one to lead him or to model manhood. It has been amazing watching him experience outdoor activities that would not be open to him without Fathers in the Field. While the fishing times are amazing, it is even more amazing to introduce him to the Gospel and the love of his Heavenly Father. Each month as we sit and talk through the Journey Guide, provided by Fathers in the Field, we get to talk about God’s love in ways he can understand. I grew up in a Christian home where we talked about the Bible and God’s love for us in Christ. For Tanner the message of God’s love is new and amazing. He just can’t get enough.”

scott-tannerFor Scott and Tanner it is not just about amazing outdoor activities, or even the serving of others but about learning to follow Christ. Scott recounts “Tanner wasn’t just missing a male role model but he lacked a church family. It has been so great to watch him fall in love with the church.

While Fathers in the Field has us bring our Field Buddies to church twice per month, Tanner wants to be there every week. Not just Sunday morning either but as often as he can. He can’t hear enough about God’s love for him and he loves his church family.”

Scott takes his commitment to Tanner seriously. He honors the commitment to take him to church a minimum of 2 times per month. They faithful serve widows in the church every month and they enjoy outdoor activities together. However Scott doesn’t stop there. He takes Tanner with him where ever he is going. Scott refuses to allow his busy life to keep him from investing in the life of his Field Buddy. How we spend our time is the legacy we leave.

Scott aptly points out, “We all have stuff in life; to me the open time we have belongs to God just as much as anything else He has given us. We need to not be selfish with our time any more than with our money. I am trying to be a good steward of my time and I am blessed to serve our Heavenly Father through our church’s Fathers in the Field ministry.

Being a Mentor Father is as simple as doing what you do. The only difference is you have a Field Buddy to do it with. It is that simple. There is no reason for you to have to change your schedule; it only requires you to be willing to take a boy with you.

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