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Defending the Cause: Quelling Chaos

Our Heavenly Father is a God of order, not chaos.

Mentor Father Mike Gabel and Field Buddy Noah have discovered this truth.

Understand, I work as an police officer in the school system and I see the brokenness of today’s kids on a regular basis. So many young people are suffering from mental illness and depression. They express the desire to commit suicide because they are lost and hopeless.

It really gets me; knowing there is hope in Christ but that they aren’t hearing the message because the people of God aren’t investing in their lives.

I couldn’t agree more. The Church needs to follow the heart of God and actively care for the fatherless. I asked Mike to share his message when he gets asked what can we do?

Fathers in the Field asked me to live my life and take a fatherless boy with me. Talking with him about the love of our Heavenly Father; helping him grow in confidence; teaching him life skills.

The reward I receive is being an active part of the life change in Noah. Imagine being a fatherless boy with no man impacting your life in a God honoring manner. I see the destruction of this every day.

Praise God I also get to see the opposite because I was willing to step up and imitate God by being a Champion to the Fatherless. Christian men like me are impacting the worlds of their Field Buddies because they know it is what their Heavenly Father has called them to do. You should too.

Sadly our country is moving away from God and towards chaos.

From calling to defund the police to riots in the streets, we see chaos growing. Chaos is at the heart of fatherlessness. These boys are afraid, angry and directionless because the man that was designed by God to lead them into manhood has abandoned them. I believe this is why God calls Himself, and His people, to step intentionally into the lives of fatherless boys: to quell the chaos.

Christian men, like Mike, imitate God by instilling order and stability to those around them; acting as a strong pillar in the midst of a storm. In the same way law enforcement is designed to be the pillar for a community and a Mentor Fathers the pillar for their Field Buddy.

So, who is Mike Gabel?

He is a Christian man who has served as a Police Officer for nearly 29 years and as a Mentor Father for more than a year. At work he encounters chaos daily, all the while striving to bring order. He also works tirelessly to lead his Field Buddy Noah into manhood and a deeper understanding of the love of our Heavenly Father. 

When we first started our commitment Noah was guarded.  He was respectful but quiet, as if he was trying to determine what type of person I was.  

Several months in we went on our first hike and suddenly Noah was full of things to say. He explained the geology of the area, told me about all the rocks; he really opened up. We reached a place where he felt comfortable with me and it changed the dynamic.

It is hard for fatherless boys to trust that a man won’t abandon them or create more chaos in their life. While each boy does this differently, the motivation is the same: self-protection.

God has called each of us to restore order! Click here to get started

May the Lord restore our land,  Lord bless, 

John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
P: 1-844-472-4241
E: info@fathersinthefield.com