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Defending the Cause: The Backbone of Ministry

Fatherlessness is the number one societal issue in America today.

“When I first heard that statement and saw how Fathers in the Field intentionally addressed it, I knew I had found a ministry I could pour my life into.” – Steve Thompson

As Christians we are ambassadors for Christ and the kingdom of Heaven. Ambassadors are chosen because their actions reflect the country they represent. Our God declares all through Scripture that He is the champion of the fatherless and the widow (Deut. 10:18; Isa. 1:17) and as His ambassadors we are to be as well. This role towards the fatherless looks differently for each of us, but it is a role we are each required to make a priority.

Photo of Mike McNeill - Missionary Champion and Steven Thompson - Supporter, Mentor Father, and Church Champion
Left: Mike McNeill – Missionary Champion, FitF; Right: Steven Thompson – Supporter, Mentor Father, and Church Champion

Fathers in the Field woks directly through the local church, it is our Regional Field Missionaries (RFM) are tasked with getting these churches mobilized and active. However, our RFM’s don’t do this alone they are surrounded by faithful men and women who have answered the call to help the fatherless. These faithful men and women join forces with us to battle against the spiritual forces seeking to destroy the lives of innocent children. Fatherlessness doesn’t just harm the boy but his entire family and eventually his community.

So why do these faithful people support the work of their local RFM?

Photo of Mentor Father Steven Thompson and Field Buddy Garren
Mentor Father Steven Thompson and Field Buddy Garren

For longtime supporter Steve Thompson it was this.

“I saw the value of the ministry Fathers in the Field is doing by going directly to these boys through their local church. This was not just lip service to make people feel good, but boots on the ground. Our country desperately needs this ministry and despite facing overwhelming odds they tirelessly rush towards the battle for these boys’ souls. I have been giving financially to my Mike McNeill (Missionary Champion) since 2017, trying to increase the amount each year. Honestly, I wish I could give more. Not so I can feel good about throwing money at a worthy cause, but as a Mentor Father myself I have seen the changes in the life of my Field Buddy and his family. This ministry changes the lives of every individual it touches: Mentor Fathers, Field Buddies, Single Mothers, Grandmothers, siblings, churches, the list is endless.”

Our supporters are the backbone of this ministry. I remember those first few who gathered around me as I was starting this ministry all those years ago, many who remain faithful supporters today, knowing that without them this ministry would never have gotten to where it is today.

For those of you who faithfully support our ministry we want to thank you, on behalf of not just the staff at Fathers in the Field but on behalf of the hundreds of fatherless boys whose lives have forever changed.

For those of you who are new to our ministry or have been on the fence I want to invite you today to join in supporting us as we battle for the lives of the 14+ million fatherless boys in America.

Standing in the Gap,
John Smithbaker
Founding Servant
P: 1-844-472-4241  e: info@fathersinthefield.com