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Defending the Cause: The Need for a Godly Man

Every boy needs a Godly man to lead him into manhood.

In our day and age Godly men can be difficult to find; men who know that the fatherless are near to God’s heart. So it is a true blessing when Christian men sacrificially love the fatherless through their passion for God’s creation and a willingness to help a fatherless boy find the strength to forgive their earthly father for abandoning them. No one knows this blessing better than Laura, a single mother of four.

Several years ago when she saw the deep need of her oldest son Luke, a need for a Godly man to lead and teach him, she leapt into action. Like so many single mothers her search was met with dead-end after dead-end, until she was approached by her church, Roopeville Road Baptist two years ago.

Click on the video below to hear firsthand about this journey.

The commitment that Mentor Father Randy Benefield made to Luke has dramatically changed his life. Prior Luke struggled with a rebellious and selfish spirit that was leading him away from his Heavenly Father. As Randy has talked with Luke about his Heavenly Father’s love for him and demonstrated Godly character, Luke began to change. Luke sees the value of serving others and his heart longs to help those in need, like the widows they serve each month. His desire to know Christ and be more like him is the result of a Godly man demonstrating what it means to love what God loves.

Randy-Benefield-Laura-and-LukeThis Godly man is not only telling Luke about the forgiveness found only in Christ and the love of his Heavenly Father, he is living it out in front of him. Saying that we are Christians only has value when our lives truly reflect our words. Mentor Fathers demonstrate daily the life of a Godly man because they are willing to walk daily with those closest to God’s heart, their fatherless Field Buddy.

Laura searched for years to find a man willing to step up and live out his commitment to Christ and her search was rewarded because a church and a man were willing to answer God’s command. Fathers in the Field exists to equip churches and men with the tools they need to help heal the broken heart of fatherless boys. We cannot create a Godly Mentor Father, but we can equip him with the tools needed to help heal the broken heart of a fatherless boy. This healed heart helps a boy grow up to be the man God created him to be.

Randy-Benefield-and-LukeLaura’s plea is this:

“Single moms, get your son involved in Fathers in the Field, it will bless their lives in so many ways. You will get to experience firsthand the development, growth and change in your son as he begins the journey to becoming a Godly man. The commitment a Mentor Father makes to his Field buddy is a huge responsibility, but these men joyfully imitate God by being champions of the fatherless. They are true models of Christ to boys in dire need to know what it means to love what God loves.”

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