Nine Core Objectives

Core objectives of our reach and rescue commission

Our defining values and impact outcomes are seen in nine core objectives that drive the ministry’s unique, robust, and effective strategy. Each vital ministry component works seamlessly together towards national impact with and through the local church, one fatherless boy at a time.

Senior Pastoral Ministering

The critical first step with the local church is to challenge the Senior Pastor to be a consistent voice and advocate from the pulpit. He must lead on this issue and personally call his men into action to become Church Champions and Mentor Fathers. Fathers in the Field convicts and inspires the pastor to intentionally engage his community on the biblical mandate to defend the fatherless.

Leadership Equipping + Training

We equip Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and Church Champions with the knowledge, tools, and skills to lead their church body and help the broken family and the fatherless. From the introduction of the ministry through ongoing implementation and expansion, Regional Missionaries train and coach leadership to become the hands and feet of Jesus in their local community.

Local Church Mobilization

We believe in The Local Church. It can significantly impact the number one societal issue by reaching the fatherless in its community. To do so, the church must be intentional and GO into the local mission field to connect with single mom households – the largest un-churched group in our country. We then unleash the local church’s most powerful and underutilized asset, the godly men sitting in our churches, to reach and rescue fatherless boys.

Activating Discipleship

God Made Men to live with purpose. Men want to join the battle and are praying for an adventurous Kingdom journey. We liberate men in the local church to use their faith, outdoor passion, and life know-how to speak into a hurting boy’s life, lay a foundation of healing, and break the cycle of generational fatherlessness.

Fatherless Evangelism

We translate the Gospel into a fatherless boy language so that he can hear and understand it despite his damaged and festering soul wound. Throughout the intentional commitment of his Mentor Father, the boy gets to hear that he is made in the image of God and born for a glorious purpose. This begins the process of healing that leads to forgiveness and relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Intentional Mentoring

The Mentor Father and Field Buddy, along with the support community of the local church, embark on a covenant relationship to address the father wound at the emotional and spiritual level. Over three, single-year celebrated terms, the fatherless boy comes to know he is a priority and receives One-On-One Guidance through structured, progressive, and proven curriculum that pierces a hurt and calloused heart.

Local Service

Community Service is a strength of the local church. Every month, fatherless boys and their Mentor Fathers partner with church leadership and church body to proactively seek out and meet needs all around them. Fatherless boys gain a great sense of value and self-worth by serving widows, elderly, and others. The soul rejoices when it recognizes it has value through service.

Cause Advocacy

The local church in America is now in the middle of its most critical mission field. Meanwhile our permissive culture is dismissing the havoc wreaked upon our children by broken families. We Educate the Church Body about the father wound and its devastating consequences on our country, and inspire it be a strong voice for the fatherless, fatherhood, and the broken family.

National Impact

Nearly every National Social Crisis can be traced to the broken family. Fathers in the Field is a solution to the epidemic that effectively empowers the local church to reach into its community and break the cycle of generational fatherlessness. Listening to the heartbeat of God and obeying His command to defend the fatherless and widow will bring restoration to the broken and is a foundational key in bringing National Impact and revival.