Harvest Stories

The First Mom: Daphne Steed Brandon, MS

Daphne Steed, Taylor’s mother, was one of the first single moms to enroll her boy in Fathers in the Field. She did so after realizing that she could not heal her son’s wound of abandonment.

“I tried to make it up to Taylor. But, the Lord finally let me see that’s not something I can do. A mother is a mother. She can’t be a father. I can’t make it up to Taylor. But God can. He can heal and restore Taylor’s heart. I believe He is doing that through Keith Polk, who loves Taylor like his own son. Keith is teaching Taylor how to be a godly man, walking beside him and showing him that 
there are loving dads. Taylor is seeing how God can restore your 
life and your family. It has made all the difference in the world in my son’s life. Taylor’s biological dad was abandoned by his own 
father and he repeated the cycle. I think the cycle of abandonment 
will end with Taylor, whose fatherly model is now Keith.”