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Defending the Cause: Welcome, Kevin Drewry – New Regional Director

On behalf of Scott MacNaughton and the Board of Directors, I’m excited to introduce Kevin Drewry, our new regional director for the southeastern United States. Please pray for Kevin and his family as we seek to expand the ministry to defend the cause of the fatherless.

We ask God to open the doors of churches and the hearts of men in the Southeast. May they heed the call of God and the cry of a fatherless boy through their involvement in Fathers in the Field. Please take the time to read Kevin’s letter of introduction to the end and lend a hand to supply any church leads or contacts that may help further God’s kingdom.

To God be the glory, John Smithbaker

Dear Fathers in the Field Family:

I’m Kevin Drewry from Columbus, Mississippi. As of August 1, I have the privilege of helping Fathers in the Field share the epidemic of fatherlessness in the Southeast by forging meaningful, ministry-building relationships with churches and being an advocate for the fatherless.

I know much of Fathers in the Field’s success in sharing the Gospel comes from God’s blessing and the faithfulness of Church Champions and Mentor Fathers. I’m grateful to all of you who have gone before me as I begin my new call as a regional director for Fathers in the Field.

For the past six years I’ve served as the Assistant Manager/Camp Director for Mallard Manor Ministries, a youth hunting and fishing program for youth ages 10-18. The ministry helps develop their outdoor skills, cultivate friendships and learn more about Jesus Christ. Located in the Mississippi Delta, it’s awesome to see how God used my time with the ministry to prepare me for the next chapter with Fathers in the Field. My sight is set on training up young boys and outdoorsmen to reach the world for Christ. I believe God has called me to fulfill this task through the ministry of Fathers in the Field.

I was contacted by a good friend back in the spring about an opportunity to reaching boys who had been abandoned by their father through an outdoor program designed to reach the wild at heart. I shared the opportunity with my wife and we quickly realized God was leading us to this ministry. After reading the Fathers in the Field ministry description, my wife looked at me and said, “Kevin, that’s you!” After I met with Bro. Scott MacNaughton and learned more about the ministry, I knew, while holding back tears, this was what God had called us to do. I definitely believe God has groomed me all these years for such a time as this.

My love for the outdoors was fueled by my father who allowed me to follow him into the woods at an early age. I was immersed in the outdoors while growing up in Aliceville, AL. Since then, I’ve chased whatever was in season. To me hunting isn’t a sport, but a way of life granted by God in Genesis 9. My desire is to help those who are “wild at heart” find the same hope and peace I’ve found through Jesus – a joy that goes beyond bagging a big buck. My prayer is that outdoorsmen will put aside their own ambitions and seek to answer the call to reach out to the fatherless.

I’m excited to share God’s hope and peace with Field Buddies by meeting them at the point of their deepest need. What better way to bring God glory than to show the boys what God’s love and forgiveness looks like while spending time with them in the outdoors. My desire is to be a catalyst between the churches’ Mentor Fathers and the Field Buddies to help heal their deep wounds and lead them into a growing relationship with Christ.

I was raised in the church by two loving parents. Although adequately equipped with a lot of head knowledge about God, my heart’s desire for God would fade away post-youth camp or after it was no longer “cool” to serve Him. I chose to live a rebellious teenage lifestyle involving the use drugs and alcohol, delving into depression and regretfully hurting the people who loved me the most. When I hit the bottom at age 17, I knew the only answer for my life was to surrender my heart to God and quit running. Over time, my desires soon began to change. I realized living a Christian life wasn’t “religion” and an exhausting attempt to live by a strict set of rules. I discovered it was about a relationship with a God who loves unconditionally and longs for us to live in His grace. The realization was transforming and the desire to be obedient to God came from a heart understanding of what Jesus had done for me. The least I could do was seek to live for Him in return.

The transformation continued at the University of Mobile in Mobile, AL where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion/Psychology in 2003. Through Christ-loving friends and a church that took living for God seriously, I began fostering a love for teaching the Word. I am currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. My wife, Laura, and I met in 2002 while I was preaching in a church. We became best friends and fell in love. We got married in 2006 and have two daughters – Keely (3) and a newborn named Kinzy Klaire. My wife is the anchor of my ministry, walking beside me, praying for me and providing the loving support a minister needs.

My goal with Fathers in the Field is to recruit 100 churches to help “defend the cause of the fatherless.” Will you help me reach this goal? God’s amazing network is just that, amazing, and it’s great to leverage relationships for His glory. Please let me know if you have local church contacts in my area encompassing: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Also, if you know people with a heart for God and the outdoors who would like to prayerfully or financially support the ministry, please email kdrewry@fathersinthefield.com or call (662) 897-9090.

Thank you in advance for partnering with me on this new journey of faith.

Finish strong, Kevin Drewry