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September 12-15, 2019 | The Broadmoor Resort and Spa

A Historic Resort, A Historic Summit, A History-Making Opportunity

The Heroes of the Fatherless Summit is not just a gathering of like-minded friends whom the Lord has put his call upon to stand with and for America’s abandoned fatherless boys, though it is certainly that.

It will be an unveiling of the intent, vision, and future of Fathers in the Field, a ministry whose greatest days for impact are ahead.

The Summit isn’t just a wonderful weekend of fellowship to hear what the Lord has done through the ministry’s outreach.

It is an opportunity to see and understand the needs of the 1.5 million new fatherless children who join the field of the wounded each year, and the stark implications of this growing epidemic in America.

Our inaugural celebration is not just an opportunity to refresh and recharge in one of America’s most picturesque and historic properties, the Broadmoor, during Colorado’s incredible fall season at the base of Pike’s Peak.

It will also be a collaboration of committed supporters, ministry leaders, and culture changers who have the courage to set the course of action to help change the lives and trajectory of tens of thousands of fatherless boys. Now is the time for us to take this great gift, this Fathers in the Field ministry across America, when she needs us most.

The Great American Rescue Mission

We feel it every day. The brokenness of our culture, the dividedness of our nation, and the erosion of the family unit.

Sometimes the weight of it all can be overwhelming. If we’re not careful, we could lose hope.

But hope is not lost for those who serve or are served by Fathers in the Field. For here, in the restorative love of a mentor dad and the guidance of the Scriptures- a boy, a single mom, his siblings, and extended family can be healed of the hurt of abandonment and brought to an understanding of the Heavenly Father’s care and purpose.

It is also here, through this restorative process that we can imagine a nation healed. As boys grow into Godly men, develop healthy and whole families, the cycle of fatherlessness can be broken. And families led by men of courage and purpose can bring restoration to a nation in need of hope.

This is our vision. This is our prayer. This is The Great American Rescue Mission.

I know you stand with us. I hope you can join us in Colorado Springs. It will surely be a very special time of alignment, support, unity, clarity, and transparency.

Please feel free to navigate the key event information made available in the links to the left.

Of course, if you have any questions or I can be of assistance in preparation for your plans to join us for this incredible event, please contact me at your convenience.

Call John Smithbaker at 844-472-424 or email: jsmithbaker@fathersinthefield.com

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