Why This Book?

Why I wrote “The Great American Rescue Mission”

By John Smithbaker

“It’s all about hope…”

50% of America’s children – over 25 million kids under 18 years of age – are growing up in homes without their fathers.

The Great American Rescue Mission is about hope in the midst of an existential crisis facing our beloved nation. We believe there is always hope if we as a church will follow the biblical mandate to rescue the fatherless in their time of great need.

I am an advocate of speaking truth in love. We cannot fight an enemy or address an epidemic that we haven’t aptly sized it up. The truth is that the family is losing the battle in America today and things are not trending up. Courageous, committed, and heroic Christian men and women, in and through the local church, must join us if we are to stem the tide of generational fatherlessness that is eroding American exceptionalism every day.

It is my hope that readers will come to understand not only the history of the Fathers in the Field ministry and how it serves as an effective outreach for the local church to leverage their greatest untapped asset, Godly men, to connect with and mentor the fatherless in their community – but perhaps even more importantly – I pray this book serves as an inspiration to answer your calling. The Great American Rescue Mission is not only a cause of great importance, but it is truly the issue of our time.

I always say to my ministry team that we should have the same unswerving passion and dedication to search for and fight for each fatherless boy as we would our own lost child. Is there any end to the lengths that we’d go to as a parent to find, help, and heal our wounded one? Who then else should be left behind?

I urge my fellow men and women of God. Stand up! Stand in the gap and be counted as we advance this in great American rescue mission.